Wolfgang Knopp Wolfgang Knopp
General Manager

Christa Papesch Christa Papesch
Deputy General Manager


Richard Benedikt Richard Benedikt
Export / Key Account Manager

Reinhard Grossmann Reinhard Grossmann
Area Sales Manager

Katrin Benedikt Kathrin Benedikt
Area Sales Manager
Deputy Department Manager

Cesar Cardoso Cesar Cardoso
Area Sales Manager

Customer Service

Heike Jungfer Heike Jungfer
Department Manager
Customer Service

Selma Bas Selma Gölcük
Customer Service

Clisia Zaccolo-Werner
Clisia Zaccolo Werner
Customer Service

Ingrid Herda Ingrid Herda
Customer Service


Anastassia Wist
Customer Service

Birgit Griger-Gugulut Birgit Griger-Gugulut

Melanie Haas Melanie Haas
Service Administration

Vanessa Engelhardt Vanessa Engelhardt
Service Administration

Zita von Glatz Zita von Glatz
Regulatory Affairs Manager

Katharina Radeck
Regulatory Affairs
Andrea Gerlach Andrea Gerlach
Office Assistant


Christian Stummvoll Christian Stummvoll
Service Manager
Logistics Manager

Mathias Meier Mathias Meier
Service Technician
Deputy Department Manager

Kai Göhler
Kai Göhler
Service Technician/
Quality Management
Günter Heimerl
Service Technician

Katharina Korizki Katharina Korizki
Service Technician
Alexander von Natzmer Alexander von Natzmer

Igor Schneider Igor Schneider

Benjamin Stenner Benjamin Stenner


Stefan Leitz

Stefan Leitz
Marketing Manager

Gloria Lind Gloria Lind
Representative Marketing / Sales

Monika Lugert
Monika Lugert

Udo Schmidt Udo Schmidt
Head of Product Management / R&D

Kathrin Sybold Kathrin Seybold
Product Manager Optometry

Paul E. Drieduite Paul E. Drieduite
Product Manager

Matthias Görl Matthias Görl
Product Manager Marketing

human resources

Gabi Güse Gabriele Güse
Human Resources


Katja Prohaska Katja Prohaska
Team Manager Accounting

Tsvetomira Bogdanova Tsvetomira Bogdanova
Accounting Assistant

P +49 - 911 938 546 2 - 0

F +49 - 911 938 546 2 - 20


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